How to be a successful remote worker

For many during the pandemic, working remotely was an old comfortable vibe. For others, it was a major adjustment⏤whether because of needing to find workable space in the home or having to manage multiple family members’ needs or simply not being familiar with what it takes to efficiently work outside of an office.

Ultimately, working remotely affords us the opportunity to have greater work-life balance and a level of freedom not usually nurtured in an office.

​How to do your job or business from another country

My friend Kim and I put this to the test recently. She, a mental health therapist and coach, with her own business and clients, and I, as a full-time employee for a hospital health system.

We each knew we had a future in Costa Rica and we did a little pandemic planning: An AirB&B for a month in Uvita, located in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

But what would that look like? How would she transition her business and still meet the needs of her clients while also exploring a new lifestyle in Costa Rica?

And how would I communicate with my “job” that my husband and I are creating a new business and part-time life in another country?

Hear from Kim how to be a successful remote worker.

Successful remote work lifestyle: Watch “Pura Vida with Theresita”

Kim aka “Theresita” explores the idea of being “pura vida” (relaxed, at ease, happy, ‘good life’) wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Or is it only available in Costa Rica?

How to do your business remotely

Theresita talks about having a truly mobile business and the steps she took to make that as seamless as possible.

How to overcome productivity mentality

Theresita points out why it’s so easy to have an anxious mind given we live in a world of constant “doing” and having to be productive to feel worthwhile–and how to be free of that productivity mentality. Learn more about working with Kim