What you need to know about purchasing land during the pandemic

Hear from Kirk Phillips about finding land for a tiny house and his vision for tiny house living on bigger plots of land. He says most people have it backward, wanting gargantuan houses on tiny plots. Watch the video to hear what he has to say about purchasing land during the pandemic.

Inspired by Living Big in a Tiny House with Bryce Langston, Kirk has done a lot of research about tiny home living, its challenges and its benefits.

Curious about tiny house living in Costa Rica?

What does the post-pandemic seller’s market mean for investors

The pandemic has affected myriad markets–real estate being one of them. “You can get yourself a nice chunk of land now, forget about the house for now. While everyone else is after the five or six hundred-thousand-dollar house, you can be getting land, nature, freedom, and build a tiny house later.” Here’s the second installment about purchasing land during the pandemic.