How to create an ex-pat lifestyle right now, from where you are

We have had the great privilege of being introduced to Ed Zaydelman, a former New York nightclub promoter and Burning Man “builder” who shows people how to create an ex-pat lifestyle starting now, with his exquisite vision of creating these NOOKLEOs in Costa Rica (and elsewhere). A NOOKLEO is defined as:

If you prefer your own place apart from “community,” there’s that option as well. We’re excited to be learning from Ed and his many years of experience with land and housing in Costa Rica. He has the expertise and the connections to get things done.

Ultimately, the NOOKLEO concept⏤or even just a structure/home within the community⏤is accessible, financially, for many. (For example, one of the tiny homes in Ed’s portfolio starts at US$25,000.)

How to create an ex-pat lifestyle right now through group investing

For those who might be interested in a group investment, in which the investment and building, use of, rental, and decisions about a home or group of homes in Costa Rica are made by members of the group, get in touch with Kennerly. We may have room for you in our TribeVest group.